I’m not sure how many people are still

I’m not sure how many people are still receiving updates from this website, but regardless, I hope this message finds you all well! Just to give you an update, both Zac and I are doing great. Zac is currently in Flagstaff serving in a church called Redemption Flagstaff, and working as a Pharmaceutical Rep forContinue reading “I’m not sure how many people are still”

Over the river and through the woods…

The transition from Oregon to Washington was one of extremes. Our 4 day stay with the Phillips in their house just outside of Portland was both incredibly fun and short lived. It seemed no sooner had  we arrived than we were packing up our belongings early on the morning of our departure from the PortlandContinue reading “Over the river and through the woods…”

Greetings from (drumroll please)…..

After our stay in Crescent City, it was back on the road again, and with our faithful and trusted baby jogger. This day was especially exciting for both Zac and I because it was a pivotal transition point in the run. Although the halfway point was somewhere back around Albion, CA, this day would feelContinue reading “Greetings from (drumroll please)…..”