Not The End

We did it. The last day was amazing. I don’t want to close the lid on this journey just yet. We have still so much left to say within this next week and more to post. Although the race is over, the journey is not. Paul and I just got done playing a round of frisbee golf up in Abbotsford, British Columbia with my cousin Jeremy at their tree farm. We are recovering and relaxing as we are still processing the trip. So bear with us this next week as we slowly emerge back into society, while we finish posting the last of the photos and videos to share with you all. We will also take some time to recap the trip and explain what it meant to us individually. I still feel that no matter how much time goes by, we may never know the extent to how this trip was used to bless others. Also, we will be flying back into Phoenix on the 12th of August at around 9 pm. We would love to see our friends and family, and whoever else that would like to come welcome us back. As the time approaches I will fill you in on more of the details. So keep checking the site this next week to hear and see more about the end of our trip.



4 thoughts on “Not The End

  1. Well done good and faithful servants…..
    Congrats on your amazing and powerful adventure. May you continue to lean on the one true God for strength and guidance. He has certainly revealed himself to you throughout this journey and we are thankful to have been blessed so abundantly by your experience. Don’t think you have to wait until your book to share your thoughts because we would love to bring you back to San Jose in September to speak at our high school senior seminar. Rest, recuperate, and we will continue to pray for you!

    The Pitmans-Bob,Jeanne,Lindsey,Becca, Will and David

  2. So, you guys will be doing, say, a 650 mile cool-down run, right? You prayed about it, you planned it, you trained for it, you executed it, you finished it. Outstanding! Rom. 12:1,2.

  3. What’s up Zach. I’m doing a blog class, I never thought to ask you about your blogging skills my man. Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m very impressed you guys finished the race. I’m sure you’ve given your testimony about your run numerous times, but don’t stop man, give glory to God.
    You guys are awesome, congratulations again.

  4. Hey Paul, this last post is titled “Not the End,” but it’s been about 4 months since you guys wrote it. Is it the end? or are you going to process stuff? Just curious… Good talking to you today, bro.

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