Greetings from (drumroll please)…..

After our stay in Crescent City, it was back on the road again, and with our faithful and trusted baby jogger. This day was especially exciting for both Zac and I because it was a pivotal transition point in the run. Although the halfway point was somewhere back around Albion, CA, this day would feel like a new chapter as we entered Oregon.

We had about a 25 miler to reach our destination in a little city called Brookings and it was a relief to have such a flat path. We took in the scenery and the livestock of some of the back roads, doing everything in our power to avoid the 101. Upon reaching the border, I was so stoked it might as well been the culmination of the trip! Although we love California, after nearly two months of steep climbs, lots of traffic, and no shoulder, we were ready to see what Oregon would have in store for us.

We took a picture with the “Welcome to Oregon” sign, and filled with new found energy, we eagerly set upon running into the city of Brookings! Now I’ve just got to say, within the first hour of being in this great state, we were first of all blown away with how friendly everyone was being toward us. Several people rolled down their windows of their vehicles in an effort to wish us safe passage and encourage us!

One of these occasions was a woman named Donna who Zac and I had the pleasure of meeting. It happened like this, as usual, the occasional passing motorist will stop and precariously look out their review mirror to see if we are toting precious cargo, i.e. a baby. A large silver truck pulled into the shoulder in front of us, forcing us to make our way around it. No sooner had we passed in front of the truck did the driver get out of her vehicle calling our attention. “Excuse me, but are you doing this for a purpose?” she asked pointing at the sign on the front of the baby jogger that states, “Mexico to Canada”. I was stoked! We hadn’t even gotten to our hosts house and already we were having opportunities to share the grand purpose behind our journey! After talking with her a bit, she told us that she was thrilled for us and asked us to keep her sister in prayer. Before we knew it, she had even pulled out her wallet and told us she wanted to support us financially! I was blown away!

After Donna left and bid us safe journey, Zac and I were near ecstatic. “I love Oregon! Instead of being stopped because drivers think we are endangering a child, people are pulling us over to support bless the coast!” Our hosts here have been amazing too. I told Rob that it is absolutely incredible that we are here in Brookings. Many months ago, Rob and his wife Morgan were the very first people to contact me about offering a place to stay for bless the coast. Now, nearly six months later, it is absolutely crazy to see how far God has brought us. But now I must go, this huge breakfast that Rob has made for us is not going to eat itself!

6 thoughts on “Greetings from (drumroll please)…..

  1. ahhhh! jesus is so in this i love it. this is officially my first comment but i just got home and will be reading this blog like its my bedtime novel. what a beautiful and deeply woven story it is becoming.

    praise God for His faithfulness and His desire for more in our lives everyday!

    love you guys. praying hard!

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Although I live in Arizona God has truly created something beautiful in Oregon.

  3. Oregon yay! God is so incredible. The lady was so blessed by what you are doing! That is sweet.

  4. The coast here is pretty amazing, I only live 3minutes away from the ocean, and sometimes forget its even there. So, when we do go see it, its like seein it for the first time…well, sometimes.

  5. Yay for Oregon! I am so proud of you guys! And I have to say, not only are ya’ll great runners… you’re both talented writers 🙂 It’s been sweet to see how everything you’re doing is pointing people to Jesus and encouraging them. I pray that you guys continue to be renewed and reminded of God’s love and provision each day!

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