Friday August 7th

Wish you could be there as we cross into Canada? Wanna celebrate with us but just don’t know how? Can’t stop wishing you had of came with us up the coast? Losing sleep over all these unanswered questions? Well don’t go visit your psychiatrist just yet. Cause you can be there with us and celebrate!

Follow us on our website ( and on facebook this Friday between 11:00-2:00. There will be updates and photos streaming throughout that time. We will be starting our last run of this trip at 11:00 am pacific time and ending within the next 3 hours. This Friday, August 7th. Be thinking and praying for us as we cross the border at 2:00 pm.

New photos, blogs, and updates to come. The time is finally here as we close the final chapter in this journey and we complete our run from Mexico to Canada. If you still haven’t read the blogs or even know what we are doing, then educate yourself. Check the website out!


9 thoughts on “Friday August 7th

  1. I’ll be there with my air horn and sighs, via the internet of course. I don’t think I can get all painted up-I don’t even know what your colors are. I do know that I won’t be alone, see ya soon, Eric

  2. This is incredible. I get chills when I think about the finish line remembering all those times in high school watching you kick into high gear as you neared the end. WOW! We’ll be ‘there’ cheering you on! We’re so proud, so thankful, so in awe of what God has done for you and through you guys. We praise Him! Luv… all the family

  3. I was with you as you were running along rt9 as I saw you passing all the things I saw there last year on my visit. I was on route 9 many times. In fact you were 2 blocks from where I stayed. I too will be celebrating with you tomorrow as you cross the finish line. I look forward to hearing about your adventure when home. Our Father God is so faithful as He has been with you each and every day. God Bless Blanche Burnham

  4. I’m gonna be grinning from ear-to-ear as I think about you guys tomorrow and imagining 10,000 angels running alongside and cheering encouragement as you near that Canadian finish line! (I wonder if angels wear Brooks or Nike, eh?) We’re praying the Spirit will be with you both in a powerfull way tomorrow and that you’ll experience a glimpse of how God’s going to use this work in your lives and all the lives you’ve touched along the way. High fives from Rochester!!

  5. AHHH WOOO! There’s a party goin on in Heaven.. i think they had a hard time putting bets on who would cross first, youre both pretty decent at running ;)… my guess is jesus put it all in for both of you (crazy how he can do that) and he’s probably tailgaiting at the finish line.. he’s definitely the guy with the best speakers, loudest crowd, and most delicious burgers..

    okay okay.. its not a race at all.. but congratulations to both of you!! we are all so in awe of how God has carried you guys through this and how willing you were to let Him use you in mighty ways.

    I know that I, for one, cannot get over how glorified He is when we pursue the unique callings and special gifts that we have been given. God would not have created billions of people, each with completely unique stories and paths of life, if he wasn’t glorified by these beautiful differences. He is the craftor and we are his masterpiece.

    I wish we could be there with you. We love you guys. You are a serious blessing. This run will be imprinted on peoples minds for lifetimes.. every time they think ‘i can’t do that, it’s too hard,’ they’ll think of you, they’ll think of God in you, and they’ll know they can trust Him to carry it out. We can LITERALLY do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.

  6. HIgh Five GUys! In my spirit watching you both crossing that goal line is far better than any Xgame, Super Bowl, or Olympic endeavor I have ever followed! The epitome of a Godly gnarcore
    journey! May the the joy of the Lord continue to be your strength. Hugs!!

  7. You guys are awesome. Way to go!!! You are an inspiration to all of us and a great example of faith in action.

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