Beautiful scenery and painful lessons

Well, Zac and I have made it to our next destination in sunny (actually cloudy but  sunny sounds better) Oceanside! Today, we took our run much easier as Zac and I are definitely feeling the toll that the open road takes on our bodies. We finished our second run over a marathon and have realizedContinue reading “Beautiful scenery and painful lessons”

Bless The Coast Bon Voyage

In my own words… “Hear from us, Zac Walberer and Paul Bell, about our summer run from May 14th through August 12th, Tijuana Mexico to Abottsford Canada. 1,755 miles under the Pacific sky for 3 months. It is an opportunity to support, pray for, contribute, and hang out with us while hearing more about whatContinue reading “Bless The Coast Bon Voyage”