28.5 Miles Down, 1726.5 to go….yay….

Hey guys, so Zac and I just did our first run and it was a beautiful day for a run. We quickly realized after leaving Mexico that San Diego is much harder to navigate than our hometown of Phoenix. We got lost a couple times, and after some close calls, finally made it to the beautiful La Jolla Beach reserve where we relaxed our tired legs in the Pacific ocean. We also had a little mishap with the person who we were supposed to be staying with tonight, I guess the person we were supposed to stay with either doesn’t exist, or is wondering when we are supposed to get to his house. Zac and I are definitely a little sore, but with a good nights sleep tonight and maybe a little Tylenol, we should be right back in the game and ready to crank out another 27 miles. Keep praying guys, we are being divinely protected! We’ll keep you guys posted!

11 thoughts on “28.5 Miles Down, 1726.5 to go….yay….

  1. Hey guys, I heard about your journey through many people at ODF. What a great adventure you have ahead of you. You will not regret this time you took out of your lives to do something special and unique. God will guide you step by step. We are such fragile people yet capable of such great accomplishments. Stay humble before the Lord and he will enable you to do wonderful things with your life.

    I will be following your journal and will be praying for you. Stare, take mental photos, your life is happening, soak it in and enjoy the moment.


    Michael Shapiro

  2. Glad you guys made it safe to La Jolla!! I was there surfing this morning and it was a beautiful day!!! Ill keep praying for you guys!!! Have a great run tomorrow!!

  3. Zac, we are praying for you and John, me being a nurse am specially praying for no injuries but most of all that God will richly bless your effort at blessing the coast. How big is your bottle of Tyenol! We will be praying for your run today. Have fun!!

  4. Hey guys. Glad to hear you made it to LaJolla safe. There are many here who are praying for you. I am so proud of you guys, you are truly blessed. God will protect you. Enjoy.

  5. Happy birthday to Bless the Coast. This is the day the Lord has made. After much labor… now the baby is born and you run into the day rejoicing.

  6. You are not being divinely protected. There is no God. You are able to do this of your own will, of your own ability, which is admirable. What isn’t admirable is that you are passing the credit to something that doesn’t exist.

    god is not helping you run this distance, but only your own physical and mental capabilities. Praying may help you feel like there is someone else controlling this since doing this by yourself is scary. But this is life, guys, and accept it.

  7. Hey Zac and Paul. You guys are inspiring to everyone who has read your story. You are running from Mexico all the way to Canada, to proclaim the love of God. I don’t know how many people would be able to follow you, or even if I could myself!

    Cyro Kamogawa
    Our Lady of Grace

    P.S. Keep on jogging. You are really inspiring!

  8. (directed toward John’s message)
    God is helping them. They believe that He is with them, so He is. God doesn’t let people down. You can run without Jesus if you want. As Americans we can believe and think whatever we want.

    Keep running guys. May God be with you.

  9. (To John)
    OMG? What’s your problem? You must have no life. Putting people down… does that make you feel like a man?

    Keep running guys! May God Bless You!

  10. John, how would YOU know that there is not a divine spirit? You think you’re so smart, and you have everything planned out. What makes you think that way?: probably something happened along the way in your life and you’re just living in oblivious negativity. God made you exist, God make you live, God made you think. God gave you free will, so you could even be free to spread the nonsense that you are muttering on this website. God did all this for you, and God will also forgive you.

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