Beautiful scenery and painful lessons

On to Oceanside!
On to Oceanside!

Well, Zac and I have made it to our next destination in sunny (actually cloudy but  sunny sounds better) Oceanside! Today, we took our run much easier as Zac and I are definitely feeling the toll that the open road takes on our bodies. We finished our second run over a marathon and have realized in just a short amount of time that if we are not running extremely conservatively, we are going to be paying for it by the evening. Our running style has shifted in the past 48 hours, as we realize that stopping every 4-5 miles to take a 10-15 minute stretch break actually has hurt us instead of helping us. We have decided to take a more linear approach as we will run 2-3 miles and walk 1. We hope that this approach will maximize our efficiency while still enabling for a good amount of time for recovery as we walk. I’m not sure, but we used this method today, so come tomorrow morning, we will know if it worked. We are also finding it extremely hard on our bodies to run on the slope of the road. This has been the biggest killer on our feet, and we are desperately seeking a way around this problem, whether this means running on sidewalks whenever we can, or even running on the other side of the road. Zac and I are especially utilizing these times of walking to not only recover, but allow ourselves to spend a great deal of our day praying. These “prayer runs” are becoming essential as we find each day extremely strenuous. But as our difficulties seem to rise, so does our trust in Jesus. We have become increasingly determinant on completing this run, not for our glory, nor to shine light on a tremendous feat, but instead to exemplify the work that Christ is doing in our lives and wants to do in every believer. Each day is an ever growing reminder that Zac and I cannot complete this run on our own. This is hard. At times impossible. But we see that this is the path that Jesus has called us to, and we are going the distance.

20 thoughts on “Beautiful scenery and painful lessons

  1. “I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth . . . ” 2 John 4

    One day, one step, one prayer at a time, let the rhythm of the road remind you that are in sync with the Father’s heart of love and provision for you as He unfolds the way.

    Love you guys!

  2. Bend down O Lord, and hear my prayer; answer me, for I need your help. Protect me, for I am devoted to you. Save me, for I serve you and trust you. You are my God. Be merciful to me, O Lord, for I am calling on you constantly… Psalm 86 1-3

    Call to God during this time. What a blessing to be alone with him during your run and to trust that he will provide all your needs for a safe return.

    God Bless You,

    Aunt Barbara

  3. Ecclesiastes 4:9&10 The Lord is this for each of you as you are each other.. He is faithful
    INHISLOVE dona

  4. Jesus isn’t helping you on this run. He is dead. He is dust. Nothing more. There is no god or divine spirit. This is something that was invented by man to rationalize (in an otherwise irrational manner) that which he could not explain.

    The words of the Bible may be comforting as it shelters you from real life, but these archaic words are meaningless. You guys are completing this run due to your own willpower and athleticism. Don’t forget about that. Do, however, forget any notion of a higher being helping you–there is none.

  5. Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, they do. They’re whole point of this run is to bring other people into their faith. They can believe what they want. You have no power to tell them what is or is not.

  6. Dear John:
    That was rude. What a horrible thing to say. Even if you have no faith to believe in some greater being, some people do. If you cannot accept the fact that some people want to believe in something, than you cannot have a happy life. Anyways, if you do not believe in God, why were you on a website for people who were running for God?


  8. wow good job Deana! you are right. speak the truth.

    Our Lady of Grace School
    Grade 8

  9. John! that is a very foul thing to say. how dare you say those things? Jesus is our savior and we shall believe in whatever we want. we all have our own opinions. please keep your nasty comments to yourself.

  10. This is also a response to that comment.
    One day the people asked the angels, “What is Heaven?”
    The angels responded, “Heaven is a place in every heart where love dwells.”

    Then they asked, “What is Hell?”
    The angels responded, “Every heart without love is Hell itself.”

    Good Luck guys! Jesus is with you ALL THE WAY! If you believe in Jesus as well as yourself you can do anything you set your mind to!

  11. In answer to John’s comment above

    And who do you think gave them their athleticism? If God didn’t exist, we would all just be monotonous clones. We would all be the same. But we are all different and special and that is because God shaped everyone in his image.
    Our belief in God is completely rational. Even scientists are proving the existence of a divine being. If you don’t believe in God that just means that you can’t comprehend the wonder of our world. You are trying to rationalize the world to yourself, but you are coming up with the wrong conclusions.
    In the words of a favorite quote of mine, “Everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, its just that yours is stupid.” -Unknown

  12. Dear John,
    If you think that you have it all understood, everything in your life, how can you explain our existence? Do you really think that nothing can turn into something? If you don’t believe in anything, no one can convince you that there is something. If you do, everything can explain your life, your existence. So, if you’re so intelligent, there is no point to insulting people’s beliefs on the internet, or arguing your point. This site is directed towards people who believe. You must have some emptiness in your life that you would search to argue. However, I have been taught not to judge or preach to those who will use my words against me. Nevertheless, I hope God helps you.

    To the young men on this inspiring journey, God bless and never back down against negativity in life.

  13. Melissa that is so true.
    I’m sorry John that you have such a sad life. It would really help to believe in someone greater than yourself. And when you say Jesus is nothing because he is not here on earth, I believe that is a bit arogant considering all the influencial people that have died. They’re legacies live on, the only difference is Jesus lives in our hearts.
    Open your eyes, how did you get here? The big bang? Who created the “big bang”? And if you think you’re so logical because you don’t believe in things you can’t see, you are a hypocrite. Because we don’t have proof of God or Jesus, but you don’t have proof for any of your theories either. People that have faith without proof, they have strength. Not those who are scared to believe in something that they cannot physically see or touch.

  14. God is gracious, John. That’s what your name means. I’m sure he’ll be gracious, even with your ignorance.

  15. Whoa…these are some smart kids. Sorry John, you sound pretty pathetic even with all your “scientific” words; the words are all hiding the emptiness of your soul and the ignorance in your ideas. Amazing atheist, huh? I think not.

    I think this will be the last comment pertaining to your excluding opinions. We’re not going to attract any attention to your words by arguing over it. If you think that you have divided us, or angered us, you have not. You have only made us even more sure that we believe wholly in God, in the reason of our lives. If you bother to read on and see what you have stirred up, just see that we all know something far greater. But we’re not excluding it from you. Just open your eyes, and see the truth. The truth that is something so great that you can’t even believe it. You won’t believe it.

    God saves. Just be aware for his rescue.

  16. You ask how something can rise out of nothing?

    If you believe in god, then you believe just that. How did god come into existence? He just always existed? If so, who is to say that the universe hasn’t always existed?

    And this comment made me laugh:
    But we are all different and special and that is because God shaped everyone in his image.

    If god shaped everyone in his image, then we would all be the same, contrary to what you are trying to say.

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