Here we go…

All the miles for training have been logged, hundreds of gatorades have been drank, and many times have we had to convince people that we are not crazy for doing this run. We are ready, and on our way to San Diego in the morning. The following day (Thursday May 12) we will be heading down to Tijuana, Mexico early to start our first run, 28.5 miles.

Hundreds of people have been a part of this in many different ways. From providing shelter, financial support, prayer, and encouraging us as our start date draws near. You all know who you are and we thank you so much. You have truly blessed Paul and me. We wanted to thank Sole Sports in Tempe for partnering with and sponsoring us in this run. It takes a lot from a company to help us in this way and we really love you guys and gals over there at the running store. We highly recommend them for any of your running needs. Thanks also to 3TV Good Morning Arizona for letting us steal the show on mother’s day and get to talk about Jesus and our run. And Ashley and Daniel, your creativity that you have been blessed with has been so cool to have been a part of this run. Keep using it! Open Door Fellowship and Campus Crusade for Christ, you guys also have been such a huge part of this, help, and encouragement with all of the friendships that we have with you all, as you have caught the vision of what we are doing.

We will be updating the blog on this website as much as we can with stories, photos, videos, and some fun interactive polls for you to take part in. Also, there will be a link on “The Run” page with a updated route, showing where we are on that specific day! Also, on the “Mission” page, near the bottom there will be a link to sign up for a specific day to pray for us throughout the summer if you would like to sign up. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group where a weekly update will be sent out. But the website will ultimately have more updates and information. So keep in touch with us, be praying for us, and follow along our journey on Facebook and this website with us!


2 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. This is quite an accomplishment. I could never have the stamina to do this!
    An eighth grader ar Our Lady of Grace in Encino, CA.

  2. wow you guys are awesome! i agree with samantha! keep on going!

    Our lady of grade
    grade 8! :]

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