Zac and I started our base training last week, and things are going great! As we continue to rack up the miles, we are getting more and more excited about this summer. We realize full well that this journey is not one we can do, or should do alone. We thank God for your continued prayers and support, and we are so stoked to see the body of Christ starting to share the same excitement about this summer that Zac and I have! As we begin really increasing our miles this next week, I want you all to pray with us for protection from injury. As we are in the last few months before the run, it becomes increasingly important that we stay healthy and disciplined in our training. You all are awesome and we thank God for you!

One thought on “Training

  1. You guys are nuts! Hi Paul, Dan here. We talked this morning (2/10). I just told a student friend: “I got this random call this morning from this nut case who wants to run from Tijuana to Canada…”, and then, “So anyway, I thought about you.” Chris is on UofO’s club cross-country team; he might like to connect with you guys, maybe run some it with you. We just looked at this site together until he had to leave for class. Chat more later. Feel free to FB me.

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