The Belly of the Beast

After our stay in SLO and many heartfelt goodbyes, Zac and I headed into our first experience of rainy weather. Although I definitely wouldn’t say we got “poured on”, the on/off tendency of the weather kept catching us off guard. It seemed almost as soon as we put away our rain gear, the rain started falling again!

We made our way back out onto the coast and caught our first glimpse of ocean in over a week, accented with the enourmous rock at Morro Bay. We also began to see some pretty substantial terrain changes, as we seemed to shift from highlands resembling Scotland to the wilderness. Our run was to take us approximately 10 miles or so past Cayucos. When Zac and I got there, we realized that there would be little to no identifying markers from which our host, who was on his way to pick us up, would be able to identify. We remembered that we had seen a sign for a little town called Harmony. Zac and I ran another 3 miles until we reached Harmony. Upon immediate evaluation, Zac and I quickly realized something, the word “town” does not do this place justice. Until we had seen Harmony, I did not know it was possible to have three buildings close to one another considered a town. The population sign said 18 for crying out loud! Zac and I tried to find just one of these 18 residents so we could use a phone. We found just what we were looking for at the Harmony Winery. We got there just before they closed, and they were happy to help us out. When Zac told them what we were doing, they even offered to let us have some free wine samples! I’m not sure what they were more amazed at, the reason why we were doing our run, or how tan Zac was, but either way, an amazing ending to a tough and somewhat unpredictable run.

When our host Patrick arrived, we quickly loaded up our belongings and drove back to his place. We were really excited to hear that we would be sleeping in Patrick’s boat that night. When we arrived at Patrick’s place, we were surprised to see how close he lived to the beach! We were even more surprised to see that the boat was in the carport! After a relaxing evening followed by an intense game of Scrabble (is tzar a playable word?) we headed off to bed in the sailboat.

2 thoughts on “The Belly of the Beast

  1. tzar is totally a playable word. 😀

    I don’t know you guys, some friends here in Real Life told me about y’all. You guys are really amazing!

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