Captain’s Log

Well, here we are in the small beach town of Cayucos. Tonight we will be taking rest and shelter in a 25 foot long sailboat. How cool is that? As I sit on the couch in a studio apartment at the moment, dog laying by my side, and the ocean’s air comes through the windows, I am at peace. However, I must catch you up dear reader to our point in time. Which at the moment is the present. And I write this for the future. The future you.

Our stay in SLO was much needed. It really did feel like we were back in a college community with believers and old friends, which we were. Everyone made us feel so at h0me and comfortable. It was so good to be in a relaxed environment with such awesome people who were so eager to hear about what god has done so far this summer in our lives. I know for me, as we had a lot of fun with everyone, it was a huge mental boost and encouragement to be in SLO for the days we were. After experiencing and spectating a game in SLO, San Luis Obispo, called pantherball, we fell upon Cal Poly SLOs prom. Which we of course danced to some songs and had refreshments.

The next morning we headed to Pisomo Beach to officially run into SLO. It was a very fast 15 miler through the rolling hills of SLO and downtown. Took us a little under 2 hours and we finally got to run without the baby jogger. We were back with our friends and had some time to relax. It was so awesome to be with my good friends in SLO. For lunch we ate at the amazing Firestone with Tyler, Heather, Frankie, Anthony, Ryan, Amanda, Karli, Coley, Paul, and me. Veggie burger was awesome. Love you guys and miss you already. After we met up with “The Russians” and some other friends downtown.

In SLO we had been staying for four nights in a house of 5 guys in their garage. We both slept so good there every night. Our rest day on Monday was really relaxing as well. We went to Avala beach to a pier where there were many seals in the water and on part of the pier. I even got to pet a seal pup right after he scuttled into the water. And of course we had to see the famous bubblegum alley in downtown SLO. Pretty gnarly. It was a great couple days there. Paul and I had so much fun. Sharing our hearts and what god is doing in them with a lot of people, hanging with the girls, meeting a ton of new people, and getting taken to a drive-in theater to see the movie Up. We highly recommend the movie. Two thumbs way up.


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