The Misty Mountains

After Patrick dropped us off back in Harmony, we headed into the mist, not knowing what to expect. Our troubles first started when we both realized that we didn’t even know if our host’s location was in San Simeon of Cambria, two very close but definitely different towns. This actually wouldn’t have been a problem at all if our phones had worked, but if then again, this post wouldn’t have been very interesting if they had. I decided that the best thing for us to do was to just ask a resident in Cambria if I could use their phone. The residents at the house I went to were extremely helpful. I’m pretty sure it was a babysitting house, simply based on the fact that there were 3 women, 6 infants and enough childrens toys to maintain a decent garage sale for at least a couple of weeks. The women were all extremely helpful, and I even got to use some of my Spanish speaking skills!

While I was at the house, a tour bus full of passengers was crossing the intersection where Zac was patiently awaiting my return. For some unexplained reason, the bus driver became distracted and stalled the bus in the middle of the intersection. As cars were timidly going around the bus and it’s baffled driver, the passengers were all staring at Zac. Recognizing this as an opportunity for approval, Zac gave them all a thumbs up, to which each of the 20 or so passengers responded in unison with a thumbs up as well.

Zac and I were soon back on the road and approaching the motel where we would be staying at for the night. Our host Mavis is the owner of the hotel and had reserved a room for us to stay in for the night. I have to say, the look on the face of the concierge as we rolled up a baby jogger and wearing running shorts was pretty amazing. After we got settled in and took a much needed nap, Mavis called to take us out to dinner. Mavis not only helped us out with our shelter and food for the night, our stay with her marked the first 400 mile mark of our run, so we got some new shoes as well! Mavis told us that she had forgotten that they were for us when she first recieved them, but upon measuring them against her own feet, quickly realized the shoe did not fit.

Zac and I have been blessed in that we have seen, felt and experienced a great deal this trip. We have seen the beauty of our Lord’s creation on a daily basis. We have felt His confort throughout the duration of this trip. And we have experienced a joy and jubilation in the face of adversity. Even when we have been in some pretty dangerous situations, I feel a great deal of peace about the outcome of each day. I am learning what it feels like to get up each day saying, “I have no idea what is going to happen today, but its going to be good.” Romans 12:12 says, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Zac and I are learning to pursue the heart of Christ in this manner. Without being constantly in prayer, we can see no continuum in God’s plan. We may be able to see the good and the bad, how to praise God in the times of peace and how to weather the storm in the times of turbulence. But if we are not praying, how can we be guided? We thank God for the hope that He gives us, and we thank God for your prayers!

2 thoughts on “The Misty Mountains

  1. Hey guys! I’ve been loving the updates. I apologize for not commenting on them up until now. Your trip is going amazing! You guys should write a book about it or something. I don’t know if I’ve ever put 400 miles on a pair of shoes and you guys did it in a month. HA! Crazies. You guys are in my prayers.

  2. That’s my grandma Mavis for you! I hope she treated you both well, she’s good at that. 🙂

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