So cop cars go how fast?

So Sunday morning Zac and I prepared for another exciting (and exhausting) marathon length run from Ventura to Santa Barbara California. We had had the opportunity to scout out the run the day before when our friend Kenny picked us up to let us crash at his place for the night before, and we were anticipating that we would have to run on some parts of the 101 that were illegal for pedestrians to be on. We figured if we got caught, we would just play the nieve card and when the officer found out what we were trying to do, he would naturally assume we were insane and give us a ride to Santa Barbara anyway. Fortunately, these events did not occur! As were approaching the freeway to make what we referred to as a “mad 27 mile dash” we spotted a bike lane which seemed to veer out toward the ocean. Much to our surprise, we got to run the extent of our run on what could easily be one of the most beautiful stretches of coast we have seen yet. We did however get a bit of a scare when we were startled by two extremely loud booms which at the time, left Zac and I checking for bulletholes. We  found out later that what we thought to be a high powered rifle blast turned out to be the space shuttle entering the atmosphere! Zac and I are currently having a relaxing day off and preparing to head into some uncharted (or at least uninhabited) territory in the next week. We are both adjusting very well to the high mileage and apart from the usual soreness at the end of each of our running days, we are being so blessed all along this run. I’ll be honest, I haven’t eaten this well in a couple years, but then again, when you are a poor college student living away from home, that’s not saying too much. Thank you guys all so much for all the encouragement and especially the prayers. I wish I could better express to you what it is like being on the recipeint end of so many direct blessings that God is pouring upon us, but it is giving us daily strength (when we feel like we should have nothing left) to uplift and encourage others. We are actually finding it’s harder to NOT get into a spiritual conversation about this run. God is using us just as He is using you all, thanks so much and praise God!

9 thoughts on “So cop cars go how fast?

  1. haha. Dude, we were in the middle of the sermon in Carp when those booms went off. The pastor had literally just said “Jesus is the supreme leader of the Church” when they went off, which shook the whole building, and got a response from the pastor like a “see what I mean?” type of thing. Some people thought it was an earthquake, and I didn’t find out it was the space shuttle til earlier today. Glad to hear that you had a good rest day. We’ll be praying for you guys for the rest of the run!

  2. Psalms 136:1 Give thanks to the Lord,for He is good. His love endures forever….
    All your praises brings this scripture to mind…
    Really liked your comment about getting to hear history as it happens… just like us readers…we get to read/hear your history as it happens. Exciting and privileged, to be a part of your living testimony. Prayer lifted high for each of you…
    Joying in the journey =)

  3. You are in our prayers daily!!! THE LORD JESUS IS LITERALLY PUSHING YOU ON WHEN YOU RUN!!! And how comforting to know that HE intercedes for you also!!! What a testimony you have for HIS GLORY!!!


    Rick & Kathy

  4. Did you guys drop hit the deck when you heard those booms? lol. I would have. God bless you guys. Keep bloggin. this stuff is good to hear.

  5. The “lord” Jesus Christ is not literally pushing you on. He is dead. Not coming back. There is no god pusging you along.. There is no such thing. Keep running using your talents–you guys are indeed gifted. But of your own will. There is no other intervention, there is no higher power, but there is only you.

  6. So thrilled to be following along on your journey. My thought & prayers are with you both. Stay strong and safe!

  7. Is’nt it great to see the spiritual warfare on these pages? We know these people do have knowledge that there is a God or they wouldn’t bother trying to write on here saying there isn’t. I’m sure we all give thanks to God that they have some how found Zach and Pauls journey to greatly move them. Praise God!

  8. That makes no sense. If I had knowledge that there was a god, why would I write any of this? I write this because I am right.

  9. Kimmy I don’t know if you realized what you’ve done, but now you’ve got a lot of people who in fact KNOW there is a God praying that you meet Him and His Son Jesus Christ. I’m not exactly sure that’s what you wanted. But maybe you were compelled beyond your reason because the very God you deny is desperate to pour His love out on you. I know I’m going to be praying that you find Him and experience His reality.

    On another note I’m extremely inspired and blessed by what you 2 are doing and pray for you daily. It’s amazing as I read your posts to see God answer specific prayers for you.

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