I’ve learned four things. One being that seemingly everyone in California cycles. I’m pretty sure that we have past thousands of bicyclers already as they all ride up and down the coast. Team after team pass by as they wave or give a confused facial expression. The second being that California is very green. Especially the coast. The mixture of oxygen produced by millions of plants and the coastal breeze make breathing so much richer. As weird as that may sound, it makes running all the more enjoyable. The third is that the diversity of California is incredible. From the people, agriculture, animals, to the never ending variation in mercedes cars. There is a lot of variety. The final thing I have learned is that you don’t always have to see history happen to experience it, but you can hear it also. After heading along the coastal bike route, through little downtowns like Summerville and Carpinteria, and passed by giant estates and Santa Barbara’s Polo country club. After 27 miles of running we averaged a 7:30 minute mile, it was such a beautiful and fun run. As we passed some suffers at a beach half way through our run, as Paul mentioned in his post we were surprised by two huge booms. The space shuttle Atlantis had just finished repairing a telescope in space and was diverted to California after weather conditions were in Florida made it impossible for a landing. The seven members of Atlantis landed at Edwards Airport Sunday after traveling 5 million miles in space and a two day long journey. I’ll keep you up to date on anything else I learn on this trip. I doubt there will be anything else though. [Input Sarcasm Here]

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