Following the Pelicans…

Zac and I had an awesome day off at “Wilson World” and were sad to leave sunny Malibu this morning. We have both been so encouraged by everyone’s comments and we take so much pleasure in reading them. Even though Zac and I agree that this is by far the most difficult task either of us have put our minds and bodies through, what we see even more evident on a daily basis is how God is keeping our spirits super high. Both Zac and I got a small taste of what a majority of the rest of the summer will look like as we headed from Malibu to Oxnard up Pacific Coast Highway. With a majority of the big city interruptions behind us as we move out of SoCal, we find ourselves heading out into some pretty desolate strectches of terrain. On our run today, we found a group of hippie hikers who were pretty excited to hear about our plans of running all the way up to Canada. They were even more excited to hear the inspiration behind the run! We also had a run in with another lady concerned for the safety of our “baby” in the baby jogger. After passing by us not twice, but three times, she proceeded to pull her car over, jump out and confront us on an open stretch of highway. “Excuse me, but it just seems a little too hot for a baby out here…” she exclaimed. Quickly realizing her confusion, Zac and I clarified the situation. “Oh! How inspiring! Well good luck to both you young men and keep running!” Zac and I are now just waiting for the time when the California Highway Patrol or Child Protective Services pull us over. Let’s just pray there aren’t any amber alerts out…. After a few more miles, we made it safely to our stop and rested at a little park just outside Oxnard called missile park. We are now icing our feet and planning our root for tomorrow! It’s been kind of scary for me personally to realize just how much God has taken care of us. From healing injuries, to giving us a roof to sleep under, to even just waking up each morning and being excited to see what we will see, hear and experience, we are really being taken care of. This made me think, “Is the whole trip going to be this enjoyable? Is God preparing us for the hard stuff to come?” All I know is this, that on a day to day basis, without worrying about the future, we are feeling loved on. We love you guys, and keep praying!

4 thoughts on “Following the Pelicans…

  1. Hey guys,… well you have just ran through humanity! WAY TO GO !

    Hey,.. is THE SPOT device working? Haven’t seen a SPOT post for awhile….

    Straight Paths,… Tony

  2. I am enjoying the run with you. Your descriptions make me feel as if I’m there. You are surrounded by many loving and supportive friends, a safety net if you will. I will keep praying for you.

  3. Way to go guys…
    May God keep you both as he has done so far…
    Just think: your getting practice for when you have a real bb to put it the buggy,
    Praying for you both…

  4. These comments are hysterical and so encouraging! Thanks so much for making the effort to keep everyone in the loop. I love hearing about how God has already put people in your path and how He is strengthening you both. He is so good!
    Sending love and prayers.

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