Providence and Divine Appointments

After our tumultuous day at Pendleton, Zac and I were definitely in need of some rest and relaxation. Our stay in Dana Point was the much needed rest that we could have asked for. After an 11 hour sleep, we ate, then read, then slept, then ate, then ate again, and again, then slept. For lack of better words, one of the greatest days of my life. We found out through this experience that we had not been eating nearly enough, and have thus decided to implement more food breaks into our daily runs. Our run today took us through sunny Laguna Beach, and although we were unable to spot the cast of the popular TV show, I can honestly say I have never seen more Mercedes in my entire life. When we arrived at our destination of Huntington Beach, Zac and I sat down to have some lunch at Subway when I noticed a couple of guys all wearing some pretty huge tattoos, one of which was a picture of three crosses with the word “servant” printed across the front. I always love these opportunities to strike up conversations, as tattoos are usually a pretty easy conversation topic. After talking for awhile with these guys, Zac and I found that they were leaders at a fairly large church in Corona, CA. It was such an encouraging encounter, as they proceeded to pray over us and that God would continue to grant us grace and providence on our journey. Both Zac and I as well as the men from the Crossroads church in Corona were all just stoked as we got to see first-hand God using members of the body of Christ to encourage and uplift one another. We are seeing this type of divine encounter on a more regular basis, as Zac and I are beginning to get opportunities to share our faith by means of this run. The physical outpouring of our bodies as well as the spiritual outpouring of our hearts when we receive these opportunities to share our stories should have drained pretty much all of our strength by now, but because of these divine encounters and the ceaseless prayers of our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are met with new strength each day! Keep praying guys, God is moving!

22 thoughts on “Providence and Divine Appointments

  1. Fellows, you are doing something that few people I think ever truly undertake. You are realizing a dream. Many will dream from a porch step, but few step off it. Your decision to pursue this is inspiring. In a way it guilts me for the untrodden paths I have stared down in the course of my own life. Don’t give up my friends. Seize the passion that God has placed within you so that others might witness the blaze. Godspeed.

  2. Gentlemen:
    I couldn’t agree more with Joel.
    The dream is the thing, the Main Thing. Be sure to “Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing”.
    It’s also not the Destination but the Journey.
    Be safe, you guys are a constant focus of prayer and a continuum of inspiration.
    Have a great day in the Lord.

  3. Hey guys, my friend Bryan told me his encounter with you 2 yesterday and i could not believe your stories. I attend Crossroads Church in Corona, CA as well and after hearing your story, i am following you both on your journey through your blog. I am praying for the both of you and cant wait to read more. Be safe and know that every step ou take your are in God’s hands!
    God Bless!

  4. May 19, 2009 Paul & Zach: You are in our prayers. God will bless you for your great faith in Him! May He sustain you physically and spiritually!!! May He show you those divine opportunities to share about Jesus Christ and His love. May He also give you wisdom and discernment in all you do.


    With love & prayers, Rick & Kathy

  5. Haaha ZAC!! The jurassic park and gunshot entry reminds me of when me you and jason would run around with cap guns in the fields on their farm pretending there was sabertooth’s and T-rex’s coming after us. Ive been praying for you guys each day. I cant wait to help along the way. Love, Nathaniel

  6. How tender is the Lord’s provision for you. A spiritual cup of cool water!! Praying that God gives you grace for the next step, and that He graces each step with His presence. I get the sense that He is smiling a BIG smile as He watches over you. God-speed.

  7. Don’t give up! Congrats on your determination for God and keep up all the good work! You’re an inspiration to us all.

    Our Lady of Grace
    8th grade class

  8. Wow you guys are amazing.
    I can only imagine the faith that must be in your guys’ hearts that you would run so long and so far. You are definitely going to heaven. And good luck, be strong, run fast! :]

    our lady of grace 8th grade student

  9. I admire the both of you for the courage and strength it takes to do this. I also admire your faith and strong beliefs. I’m sure that you’ve inspired many people already and with this, you’ll inspire thousands more. I’m glad that you are standing up and making a statement. Good luck! =)

    8th grade student at Our Lady of Grace

  10. Hey guys,
    You should have told me about this so I could jog too! I hope you guys are doing well. You guys are inspirational! Keep on jogging.

    You have my prayers!

    Our Lady Of Grace Student
    8th Grader

  11. Good job! I’m so excited for you and hope you accomplish your goal. I’ll be rooting and praying for you guys to have a fun, life changing experience!

    Our Lady of Grace 8th grade class.

  12. Congradulations on your mission. I am an 8th grade student at Our Lady of Grace School and I am a student of Mrs. Wilson’s. I thoroughly believe in the message you are trying to make. Good luck and may God bless you.

  13. That’s a long run! You guys are doing this for a great cause. I wish you luck in your mission.

    May God be with you.

    Our Lady of Grace 8th grade student

  14. Sorry I spelled congratulations wrong. But congratulations all the same. I admire your determination. I’m praying for you.

    OLG 8th grade class

  15. You guys are sooo cool!!!! You guys are Holy and cool I hope you guys rach your destination. I wish you good luck. WOOOOO!!! I LOVE JESUS!!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    I wish you the best of luck in your event, and I truly hope that everyone will follow your example. 😀

    -Eighth grade student at Our Lady of Grace
    😀 😀

  17. I hope you guys make it to the finish line in time, but I think with God by your side, anything is possible, so keep up the good work!

    8th grade student from Our Lady of Grace, Encino California

  18. Congratulations for doing what you believed would help spread the word of God.

    -Chris, an Our Lady of Grace student

  19. I admire both of you for taking upon this challenge. I wish you both the best of luck on your LONG journey! You have inspired me greatly.

    God Bless you always.

    Our Lady of Grace 8th Grade Student

  20. As Henry David Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
    I think — I know — that you are going to inspire many people along the road. Just keep running. In a way, your run is similar to an allegory in life. God Bless.

    An Our Lady of Grace 8th Grader.

  21. That is awesome that y’all are running to represent God in your own way. Iz awesome. I will pray for you two guys. May God be with you, and have fun, joto.

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